Wednesday, November 18, 2009


By Jamela Gibson

An indie/electro band that comes from New York City brings a different sound than some people may be used to. They call themselves “Holy Hail.” Holy Hail debut album was called Independent Pleasures Club. They’re releasing their second LP called The Dying Party in LP (Long Play) which they incorporate various of mixed sounds as well as instruments.

For someone like me that likes to listen to R&B, and some positive hip hop music such as Kanye West or Common, listening to Holy Hail takes a bit of getting used to.

When first hitting play on my computer, and anxiously awaiting for the song to begin, I didn’t know what to expect. As the instruments from the song loudly explode from my speakers to my ears, for the first fifty seconds of the song “What It’s Like To Go Away,” I began to think to myself…is this the entire song? At first it’s just instruments that play for awhile. But then I hear a female voice coming through my speakers and it sounds as if I accidentally hit the fast forward button but then I realize its apart of the song. The female vocalist begins singing words fast, so fast that I am unable to translate what she is trying to say.

It’s a bit hard to understand what the female vocalist is saying. The only thing that I can make out is “What It’s Like To Go Away,” in the chorus. The song is a little over six minutes of drums and possibly piano. After awhile it can become a bit annoying listening to eighty five percent of instruments and fifteen percent of vocals. With six minutes already into the song , it begins to sounds like something out of an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie.

The song “Creaking Cries” is different type of song that cannot be played too loud or else you will begin to hear ringing in your ears. The instruments to this song that band Green Day will have for one of their songs. Again, it’s hard to understand the lyrics to the song. Again, maybe some people would appreciate the instrumental and vocals, but coming from someone who loves R&B and positive hip hop music; it’s a different kind of music in which it takes some getting used to.

All the songs on the album are pretty much the same but the titles are just different. I didn’t understand what the message was in the songs. The positive thing is that the instruments that are in the song are easy and interesting to listen too. But if you’re looking for a song for vocals and a purpose, Holy Hail’s “The Dying Party” is not something to turn to.

Maybe someone who is interested in an indie/electro genre could enjoy the album, but if you’re not a fan of indie/electro genre then it might take some time of getting used to.

But for the most part, this is a group of four people, (three men and a female) that are taking chances with their sound, and tying to get everyone to listen to their music and like them.

If I download this onto my Ipod and listen to the LP version every day then maybe someone like me can get used to it and begin to like it.

The other songs on the LP include: Keymaker’s summer; Marry on Mountaintops; Undertow; Carry On; as well as the other two songs that were already mentioned in this review called What’s It’s Like To Go Away, and Creaking Cries.

If you really want to try and listen to something new, grab a nice cup of cold water and sit through the LP and grasp a feel as to what the group, Holy Hail’s message is. Maybe there is one, or maybe there isn’t one. It depends on the listeners ear for music.

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