Thursday, October 29, 2009

What will your future hold?

By Jamela Gibson

As I enter Subway eatery on campus, many students are waiting for their name to be called so they can see the psychic and get a glimpse into their future. “I’m nervous about going to see the psychic because I’ve never done anything like this before and what if they tell me that I am going to die or something," senior Virgillo Hunter explains.

His legs begin to shake faster and faster as the anticipation of his name being called begins to build.

About five minutes later his named is called and he is off to see the psychic. Twenty minutes go by and he's back with an astonished look on his face.

As I begin to ask him how did it went, the first thing that comes out his mouth is “Oh my goodness, that was so creepy,” and he begins to chuckle.

“There were so many things the psychic said and I was just in shock about. I’ve never met this man prior to this and I can’t believe he told me things that I thought I only knew about myself.”

Hunter is not the only person who feels that the psychic was exactly on point, PSUC junior, Amanda DeLosh says “the psychic was most definitely on with my future. That was the hard part to comprehend because the things she was telling me were so right on. All I could do was sit there in awe,” she explains.

Some people do not believe in psychics and will never go and see one. For example, PSUC student Myasia Butler is one of the non-believers when it comes to psychics. "It would be nice for them to tell me what my future holds, but at the same time I just want to be surprised." She goes on to say, "growing up I was always told not to go to psychics to get your future read, believe in God and anything that you want to happen will," she explains further.

Junior at PSUC, Amanda DeLosh, says “you have to go into it [psychic section] being objective, don’t change your daily routine because of something a psychic told you, even the psychic that I went to told me that.

Not only do people not go to psychics to get a glimpse as to what their future might hold, some people don’t go to psychics because of religious regions. Latywonna Thornton is a Jehovah Witness and in their culture visiting a psychic is against their religion.

“My friends tell me that get their future read with a psychic and sometimes the psychic can be telling the truth or just making things up as they go along. I want to see what’s in my future, but at the same time I am not going to go against my religion. Its not worth it,” says Thornton.

Some psychics are right on point with their predictions and some psychics are way off. Also, there are psychics that either use tarot cards, a crystal ball or may read their client's palm.

Although, I couldn’t ask the psychic one on one questions he gave me his email address for me to send him some questions for him to answer, he never returned my email.

What will your future hold?

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